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Mindfuel began with a simple vision by our CEO, Nadiem, likened to "two guys fixing some things in a car workshop". Frustrated by promising data product initiatives often stalling, our founders sought to pioneer a unique blend of data science and product, they called Data Product Management. This vision gave birth to Mindfuel, a company dedicated to transforming data solutions from mere ideas into reality. Today, we stand as pioneers in data product management, delighting the world with data products.

Join us on this transformative journey, where every challenge is an opportunity, and every Mindfueler is key to driving progress.

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Discover the heart

At Mindfuel, we believe that our strength lies not only in our technological prowess but also in the incredible individuals who make up our team. As a people-first remote company, we're a team of talent from around the globe. Our team isn't just skilled; they bring unique perspectives, vibrant personalities, and a shared passion for creating a positive impact.

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Our Mindfuelers
from all around the world

Our Mindfuelers from all around the world
Mindfuel Team

Join us, where every day is an adventure, and every Mindfueler's journey is uniquely their own

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Prioritizing the right AI initiatives to consequently ​measure value and impact on business goals with Delight​​

“That’s a whole new approach - very cool! Your tool closes the gap between business and data teams and you can use it to explain to your stakeholders exactly what you are spending money on. I find this bridge between business and IT that you are building here extremely exciting and important.”

Ralph Debusmann
Enterprise Kafka Engineer

“Data development has been like the Wild West - unregulated and chaotic. Developers often waste time building from scratch, duplicating existing code, metrics, and calculations. Worse, they rarely document their work. This approach is not just inefficient; it's risky. When developers move on, their unique knowledge of these solutions goes with them, leaving organizations vulnerable.”

Aleksandr Korovin
Data Product Manager

“I encountered Delight for the first time at the end of November 2023, and I have to say Delight surprised me with its cleanliness and intuitive design, allowing me to grasp everything at a glance.”

Hendrik Bienert
Head of EMEA Repair Business & Data Analytics