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The future of AI & data product management is a story we’re writing with our customers.

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What data challenge are you facing?

Driving business value from data is easier said than done. Here’s what hundreds of data leaders told us they struggle with:

The solution: AI & Data Product Management

Demonstrating measurable value from data is no easy task. Looking to amplify your business impact? We help you turn your data aspirations into AI & data products, unveiling your competitive advantage, and mastering AI & data value creation at scale.


The future of AI & Data Product Management

Work cross-functionally from day one

Work cross-functionally from day one

Empower relevant business lines and data teams to discover and prioritize the most impactful opportunities by evaluating them against company goals and key metrics.

  • Collect business opportunities from everyone
  • Bridge the gap between data and business teams
  • Manage, evaluate, and prioritize data requests and opportunities

“That’s a whole new approach - very cool! Delight closes the gap between business and data teams, and you can use it to explain to your stakeholders exactly what you are spending money on. This bridge between business and IT that you are building is extremely exciting and important.”

Ralph Debusmann

Enterprise Kafka Engineer, Migros.

Replace guesswork
with data-driven prioritization

Directly connect data and analytics products to business opportunities to enhance decision-making and streamline resource allocation, ensuring each product, from concept to initiative, demonstrates measurable value, and business impact.

  • Score, visualize, and prioritize
  • Consistently make the right decisions
  • Forget about abstraction, display tangible contributions

"Data development has been like the Wild West - unregulated and chaotic. Developers often waste time building from scratch, duplicating existing code, metrics, and calculations, and rarely document their work. This approach is not just inefficient; it's risky. When they move on, their unique knowledge goes with them, leaving organizations vulnerable."

Aleksandr Korovin

Data Product Manager, Babbel.

Replace guessworkwith data-driven prioritization
Experience full data transparency

Experience full data transparency

Create a culture of transparency and strategic foresight. Gather all your resources for improved discovery and data product reuse, ensuring value generation, and visibility throughout the entire lifecycle from conception to adoption.

  • Easily grasp the entire portfolio's value and its impact
  • Eradicate data silos for instant transparency
  • Clearly communicate insights and data impact with all stakeholders

"I encountered Delight for the first time at the end of November 2023, and I have to say it surprised me with its cleanliness and intuitive design, allowing me to grasp everything at a glance.”

Hendrik Bienert

Head of EMEA Repair Business & Data Analytics.

Simplify AI risk

Assess the risk across your AI applications and use cases to ensure compliance with the EU AI Act.

  • Identify products needing close monitoring or additional risk reduction strategies
  • Ensure a focus on safety, ethics, and legality in AI deployment
  • Ease compliance while empowering responsible AI deployment

"Innovation thrives on trust and compliance. With Delight, you’re not just navigating regulations; you’re leading the way in ethical AI deployment"

Maximilian Könnings

CPO, Mindfuel.

Simplify AI risk


In need of a guiding light?

We help you adopt AI & Data Product Management in a simple and structured way.
Learn cutting-edge practices from industry pioneers.

In need of a guiding light?
Prepare your journey

Prepare your journey

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Foundation Training
  • Work Mode Launch
Take your first steps

Take your first steps

  • Data Product Strategy Definition
  • Opportunity Exploration
  • Data Product Validation
Deliver value at scale

Deliver value at scale

  • Value & Portfolio Optimization
  • Data & AI Product Engineering
  • Discovery as a Service
Learn from industry pioneers


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We believein the powerof data products


We believe
in the power
of data products

But data is a team sport and we wouldn’t be here without our crew of passionate and wisdom-seeking Mindfuelers - data lovers, data experts, and dreamers who strive to push the boundaries.