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An Online Marketplace’s Journey to a Data-Inspired Product Organization

Beyond business intelligence: why a new data strategy was needed

The data organization had a well-established business intelligence (BI) practice and reports were providedat all stages of the company. The next step in their journey was to increasetheir scope to include advanced analytics and professionalize the dataorganization starting with a consolidated data strategy, going beyond reporting and integrating data thinking in all activities regarding their products andbusiness units.

Being one of the most successful product organizations in Switzerland, the new data strategy should not only embrace data science needs, but also shape the way of how product management and product development at the company encompasses data.

Bridging the gap between data and product

The team initially discussed and evaluated different data-organization approaches, followed by an intensive status-quo analysis in order to identify the organization's data maturity level. After we systematically carved out the different needs and white-spots, the progress started with the core pillar of a successful data strategy: the data vision and data mission.

Afterwards, the team went on to define theoperating model of how to successfully develop data science initiatives, prioritizing the interfaces and collaboration with the platform teams. This lead to the definition of a new role: a Data Product Manager. It is a bridging role, responsible for aligning the desirability of verticals and the viability of the future data products.

We then focused on designing an organizational set-up that aimed at unifying the benefits of two worlds:efficiency in centralized set-ups, and stronger collaboration with the business units typical of federated approaches.

Finally, we reviewed the curren architecture, as it was optimized for BI, and aimed for a refreshed concept to facilitate AI and machine learning use cases with the same extent of professionalism.

Shaping the company’s future product management and product development

With our expertise in data-driven product leadership, data science and strategy and digital product management, we accompanied and enabled the core team along its way in crafting a scalable, sustainable and efficient data organization.

Roles and responsibilities were refined and a new collaboration mode has been installed, from which all stakeholders and business units profit.

As an outcome, a comprehensive and new collaboration model between the product teams, the refined Data Product Management -, Machine Learning & AI- and Data Architecture teams was designed and successfully committed to.

We shaped a data vision, a data mission and data product strategy, which crafted the path to success for the company to turn data into great services in the future.

"Mindfuel has been a great partner for restarting and accelerating our data efforts. With their experience in data science and digital product management, it has been a perfect match for taking the collaboration between our business, products and data units to the next level."

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