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Data-Driven Sustainable Packaging Solution for Zalando

On the road to an optimized and sustainable packaging process

Zalando was really keen on optimizing their packaging size and design to become more sustainable, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize their CO2 footprint. There aren’t limitless sizes available, as this would overcomplicate this rapidly executed step.

Our main goal was to find the most optimal design of the packaging in terms of length, width, height and the volume it can store, while limiting the amount of free air shipped with the different orders and adhering to the restrictions such as limited number of boxes. To translate it into easy words: standardized and individualized at the same time.

A data-centric approach to sustainable product packaging

We started by understanding their current situation by doing structured interviews with stakeholders and talked about possible restriction son efficiency, customer experience and general limitations.

Then, we performed research on sustainable packaging and logistics, focusing on quantitative observations and potential tools, metrics and heuristics to find the most optimal packaging.

Afterwards, we developed an optimization engine and kicked-off a test phase with a very specific item category (designer items) tovalidate and improve our design.

We used the collected data during the test phase to improveour original solution, now including more types of items, how they should be folded, and techniques for optimizing space usage.

Zalando's enhanced packaging process

We have optimized and improved the packing process to minimize the CO2 footprint for Zalando and even ensure a better CX. We willcontinue to accelerate this process with Zalando and are eager to see what packaging the well-informed algorithm will translate as the most suitable solution in the long run.

When you order your new season clothing, it might sit in anew box!

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About the Company

Founded in 2008 in Berlin, Zalando have grown from a pioneer in e-commerce to become a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle. In their fashion store boasts a wide assortment from more than 7,000 brands.

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