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Prioritizing the right AI initiatives with Delight​​

Navigating the Challenges of AI Product Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of Data and AI, Cornelsen, a renowned educational publishing house, faced the challenge to apply Product Management principles to Data and AI, while managing scattered ideas and information. The struggle to identify the true value within their AI products, coupled with difficulties in engaging business owners for opportunity and impact assessment, created a complex scenario. The need for efficient organization and collaboration in their AI endeavors became evident.

Delight: A Game-Changer for Cornelsen

Enter Delight, a revolutionary software that transformed the way Cornelsen approached Data and AI. Delight emerged as the missing piece in the puzzle, empowering the AI team to efficiently identify and evaluate the most valuable opportunities. The software not only streamlined the process but also sparked a positive shift in team dynamics, creating a more collaborative and focused environment.

Pivotal Role in Launching the AI Unit

Delight played a pivotal role in Cornelsen's successful launch of the AI unit, marking a transformative phase in their journey. The software became the backbone of their high-impact portfolio of AI products and services. The real magic unfolded in the seamless collaboration between AI teams and business units. This newfound synergy resulted in informed decision-making, aligning the AI initiatives with the overarching business goals of Cornelsen.

"I'm deeply grateful to the entire Mindfuel team for their extraordinary dedication and contributions to advancing the field of data product management. Your expertise and commitment have been instrumental in our journey."
Michael Engel, Head of AI at Cornelsen

Cornelsen's success story stands as a testament to the potential unlocked through Delight. The software not only simplified AI product management but also fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation within the organization. If you're ready to embark on a similar journey, reach out to us and discover how Delight can transform your approach to Data and AI.

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About the Company

Cornelsen, founded in 1946, is one of the leading educational publishing houses in Germany. Cornelsen is committed to its mission of unleashing the full potential of everyone – with its print and digital offering.

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Berlin, Germany

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500 - 1000

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