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Breathing Life Into a New Data Product For a HealthTech Startup

On a mission to use data to personalize healthcare treatment

The vision of the company is to uncover the full potential to advance precision in medicine and make it available and usable for public health care systems. The therapeutic treatment of epilepsy remains a challenge since individuals respond differently to the same amount of medication. For some the same dosage is toxic, while for others it is just the right amount and helps to treat epilepsy. Therefore, the idea was to use breath analysis to find the right dose for everybody without harming individuals. Non-invasive breath analysis could ultimately replace blood tests to facilitate treatments.

“Mindfuel applied their powerful data product management skills and contributed tremendously to the strategic data product design of our breath analysis product. With their competencies and tools, we were able to accelerate our product development and platform design significantly.”

Translating knowledge and research into a tangible and scalable healthcare data product

Following our Data Product Management approach, we translated the existing expert knowledge and relevant scientific findings into a customer-facing data product. We started by refining an idea and documented an opportunity. After multiple white boarding sessions, we were able to finalize a design for the required data product and had an initial draft for a scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP): a user-friendly platform, empowered by data and at the same time can be monetized by the company for potential clients.

Using data to accelerate healthcare impact

We were able to translate scientific research and innovation into a marketable and monetizable data product within months. The long-term goal is to shift the MVP to a fully operated and maintained platform with further applications, ready to be used in medical settings and deliver real impact for patients, physicians and healthcare system in general, and to speed up research activities regarding breath analysis. By scaling to new sites and countries, precise breath analysis around the world is enabled.

“Mindfuel transferred our knowledge to a fantastic MVP platform in less than three months! The communication on eye level and the ability to fully understand our needs were key to this great success. We are very excited to continue our sustainable business relationship with Mindfuel."
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