Your most impactful AI & data products,
all in Delight.

With Delight, prioritize the right AI & data products and focus your efforts on your most impactful data initiatives while slashing both unnecessary costs and waiting times.

Your most impactful Data Products, all in Delight.

The future of AI & data product management is a story we’re writing with our customers.

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The Power of
Business Opportunities

Finally a single, unified view for all company-wide opportunities. Empower all lines of business to create opportunities, providing richer context, and expected business outcomes. Let Lumo, our AI-Copilot, help you identify and write opportunities.

Collect business opportunities from everyone
Manage, evaluate and prioritize your opportunities
Collaborate with focus on business success
The Power of Business Opportunities
Consistently make the right decisions

Consistently make the
right decisions

Delight puts AI & data product management at the heart of your data organization. Illuminate your decision-making with an unbiased portfolio overview for a completely new experience for task and resource distribution.

Improve decision-making
Connect business value to data products
Prioritize with business value in mind

Monitor and report
with full transparency

Create a culture of clear communication and strategic foresight. From first steps to AI & data product adoption, everything is monitored and reported to generate value.

One overview to rule them all
Real-time transparency across the board
Seamless visualization
Monitor and report with full transparency
EU AI Act in Delight

Ensure compliance

Delight streamlines compliance with the EU AI Act, starting with a crucial first step: building a Data/AI Portfolio. This foundational aspect, combined with our advanced risk assessment tool, enables a seamless approach to understanding and managing AI risks.  

End-to-end oversight
Manage​ your risk
Build trust

We have great customers. They have great stories.

The future of data product management is a story being written with our customers.


Prioritizing the right AI initiatives with Delight​​

“That’s a whole new approach - very cool! Your tool closes the gap between business and data teams and you can use it to explain to your stakeholders exactly what you are spending money on. I find this bridge between business and IT that you are building here extremely exciting and important.”

Ralph Debusmann
Ralph Debusmann
Enterprise Kafka Engineer

“Data development has been like the Wild West - unregulated and chaotic. Developers often waste time building from scratch, duplicating existing code, metrics, and calculations. Worse, they rarely document their work. This approach is not just inefficient; it's risky. When developers move on, their unique knowledge of these solutions goes with them, leaving organizations vulnerable.”

Aleksandr Korovin
Aleksandr Korovin
Data Product Manager

“I encountered Delight for the first time at the end of November 2023, and I have to say Delight surprised me with its cleanliness and intuitive design, allowing me to grasp everything at a glance.”

Hendrik Bienert
Hendrik Bienert
Head of EMEA Repair Business & Data Analytics

Stuck in the dark?Turn on Delight to create visible data impact

Stuck in the dark?
Turn on Delight to create visible data impact