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This is designed based on a typical customer journey but you can use our Value Services at the time that is most convenient to you.

Prepare your journey
Prepare your journey

Prepare your journey

Maturity Assessment
Understand where you are right now and define where you want to go next based on your specific situation.

Foundation Training
Get all of the tools necessary for your journey. We teach you Data Product Management to create tangible business and customer value by leveraging Data & AI.

Work Mode Launch
Design and roll-out the right work mode to kick-start the delivery on business opportunities.

Take your first steps

Take your first steps

Data Product Strategy
Define the purpose and direction of your data organization. Align data products with your business strategy and clearly illustrate what is value for you.

Opportunity Exploration
Identify the challenges, opportunities, needs, and desires of your stakeholder that will make their life better.

Data Product Discovery
Craft data product ideas addressing the most valuable business opportunities to unlock business value.

Mindfuel Team
Mindfuel Team
Deliver value at scale

Deliver value at scale

Value & Portfolio Optimization
Avoid becoming a victim of your own success. Make sure that you are managing new and existing opportunities and data products so that your organization is always focusing on the highest business impact.

DPM as a Service
Data Product Management is a discipline which isn’t always easy to find. Learn from experienced data product managers hands-on as long as needed to educate your crew.

Data & AI Product Engineering
We know how hard it is to find top technical talent in today's work market. With our experts we help you develop and operate data products until your team is fully staffed.

We have great customers. They have great stories.

The future of data product management is a story being written with our customers.


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Stuck in the dark?Turn on Delight to create visible data impact

Stuck in the dark?
Turn on Delight to create visible data impact