Data product management pioneer Mindfuel closes €3.75m seed funding to launch across Europe

April 2, 2024
  • Mindfuel enables companies to gain tangible business value from data and AI by merging data science and product management
  • The company’s AI-driven SaaS software ‘Delight’ is a powerhouse tool for data and AI professionals to manage, measure and monetize the success of data investments
  • Project A Ventures is leading the seed funding round accompanied by numerous business angels to accelerate Mindfuels' go-to-market across Europe

 Munich, 14.3.2024. Mindfuel, a data product management company, announces the closing of a €3.75m seed funding round led by Project A Ventures. Mindfuel has developed an all-in-one data product management software that empowers professionals to unlock the full business potential of their organization's data and AI efforts.

Every organization aims to monetize its data one day. But many organizations struggle to manage, steer, and monitor their data initiatives among all business functions, resulting in a lack of measurable and meaningful business impact from data. Data leaders have no comprehensive overviews and transparency of their data investments, making it hard for them to identify and prioritize the most valuable initiatives and justify the return on investment.

Mindfuel’s software ‘Delight’ changes this by incorporating product management into the value-creation process of data. With ‘Delight’, AI and data professionals can actively manage their data initiatives from a measurable financial impact perspective, and facilitate a goal-oriented conversation between data and business teams. The AI-driven portfolio management provides data teams with a clear overview of all their data products, which in turn supports both strategic prioritization and governance. In practice, ‘Delight’ accelerates a direct value contribution and supports the data monetization process, which when steered and reported onboard- and C-level greatly, empowers strategic, data-driven decision-making.

"The world of data is lacking the product mindset. We bring state-of-the-art product management into the world of data and AI to effectively increase the success of data initiatives in organizations and make the dream of data monetization a reality," says Nadiem von Heydebrand, CEO and co-founder of Mindfuel. "Nowadays, every data leader is challenged to demonstrate the ROI of data initiatives. With Delight, they have everything they need at their fingertips to illustrate their value contribution to the company's strategy and excite stakeholders and C-levels with their efforts".

Pioneers of Data Product Management

“Data Product Management has become a foundational discipline within data teams today, especially in the US where many organizations have already hired data product managers,” Heydebrand emphazises.

Mindfuel has been pioneering the space of data product management since 2020, and the company has interviewed hundreds of data leaders around the world to research the underlying problems, needs, and desires in the field.

“Creating measurable value from data and monetizing it is at the top of mind for many data leaders in 2024. Mindfuel drives this space and provides essential expertise to empower data leaders within their C-leadership role and board of directors,” states Dr. Florian Heinemann, General Partner at Project A Ventures and new board member at Mindfuel.

Customers across different industries, expansion in Europe and the US

Mindfuel already supports customers from insurance, telecommunication, consumer packaged goods, and publishing industries such as Vodafone, HelloFresh and Cornelsen to get the most out of their data products.

‘Delight’ illustrates the data value contribution in hard figures and makes data actionable to increase data ROI, reduce costs, and foster collaboration between business and data teams. It can create a single view of all company-wide business opportunities, replacing guesswork with data-driven prioritization and providing complete data visibility, while helping to navigate the complexities of data privacy and compliance. ‘Delight’ seamlessly integrates with existing data and analytics products, aligning them with specific business values and actively managing return on investment.

Mindfuel's B2B enterprise SaaS solution is being launched in key European markets including Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Iceland. The funding round will accelerate the company's go-to-market in Europe and the US and further develop the software with over a dozen enterprise customers in Europe.

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